Saturday, 17 May 2008

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There are times when people fall into a rut and are unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of sex. The foregoing of sexual pleasure with our mate is unacceptable and impedes sexual health. There is no excuse for losing enjoyment during any sexual activity. One of the best ways to kick-start the lust back into your life is by masturbating with your partner.Some individuals and religions view masturbation as being dirty, immoral and wrong. While I will not trample on the beliefs of others, I along with the majority of the earths inhabitants - from the most primitive to the most intelligent of creatures disagree with them. Pleasing ourself is natural and prepares us for future relationships as a couple. Getting to know your body should be embraced and not frowned upon. Havent you seen the monkeys at the zoo? Dont they play with themselves? In an array of situations, couples find that they are unable to please each other. This is mostly because the male doesnt know how to arouse the female. As a result of his failure to get her hot and bothered, she doesnt reciprocate to the level of his desire.Therefore both are left unsatisfied. You can find masterbation products at With masturbation, we are able to touch ourselves, discern and discover what makes us tick. What could be a better way to teach each other how we get off? Sex is an activity that should always evolve. With evolving comes learning and with learning comes communication. There are ways to physically communicate to your mate during sex and ways to literally say, oh yeah, right there.The best form of learning for a lot of people is through visuals. Instead of making a power point presentation and using a laser pointer, masturbation is a much more arousing, not to mention fun process. Find fun and exciting products to help you along with this at Make sure you are masturbating together and not solo. If you are not used to masturbating in front of anyone, it may not be comfortable right away so try and start together. Avoid silence and making the setting awkward. Try lighting some candles or throw on some sensual music; girls love that romantic stuff. Guys and girls take note as your mate fondles themselves. Notice where they rub and at what pace they are going at it. Also, observe the pace as it increases closer to climax. Listen to them moan and watch their body language. This is a great way to learn the signs of when they are ready to orgasm.Try talking about masturbation with your partner. Talk about how and what they do to get themselves off. Some girls enjoy using vibrators and other adult can find a wide variety of vibrators and sex toys here These should not be frowned upon by a partner but rather embraced. Most guys would love to watch their partners use a vibrator on themselves. And yes, many of these toys are also designed for stimulation of the man.Masturbating with your partner doesnt always have to come from a lack of being able to please one another. A lot of people who know how to satisfy each other masturbate together. You will be able to feed off each others sexual energy without any physical contact at all. Its very exciting to watch and break slowly into touching each other. Take each other by the hand and guide them as they learn the points, grip and touch that satisfies you the most.If masturbation is being used as foreplay, the anticipation of sex will be very high and the foreplay will get the juices flowing and prepare her for insertion.Novices at couple masturbation need to realize the 4 levels of this deployment.1.A teenager masturbates solo to solve his sexual needs while preparing himself for later love relations.2.A young couple may choose masturbation because they do not want to copulate yet. In fact it is the extension of teen masturbation and they learn to discover each other at the same time before marriage or while living together as they prepare for the next step in their relationship.3.A married or steady couple can use masturbation as foreplay while preparing for intercourse or having the masturbation joy as a variation to their normal intercourse.4.A couple can decide not to have intercourse at all, and develop masturbation as an art and a higher, intenser pleasure replacing normal intercourses every time.Regardless of your reason for masturbation, bringing the one we love to the orgasmic phase is beautiful and rewarding. As lovers we want to know what makes the other tick and what is a better way than with mutual masturbation. Its very educational to watch each other and the show is priceless. When it comes to prevention of sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy, masturbation is the safest form of sex. So get out of a boring routine and start trying new things. Learn with each other and become more satisfied sexually.

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I hope this helped some people i would like to say thanks to Terrance Lile (Uncle Terry) for this article